Where is Your Home’s Value?

Did you know that you could increase the value of your home with a few modifications?  Now you must always remember to consider the COST vs.VALUE.  It makes no sense over-spending based on your preferences but, if the primary goal is to sell the property, not getting back a solid return on investment.

Here is what you should consider for your two (2) most highly trafficked areas if you want to increase the value of your home:-


Kitchens are often seen as the heart of the home, the place where family gatherings take place, meals are cooked with love and daily catch ups are shared.  As such, it is often highly trafficked and its presentation sets the tone for the day, whether warm and inviting, cluttered and confused or soothing and comforting.

As such, a kitchen’s design should be embracing, whether a galley style narrow kitchen or an open plan concept.  Obviously a total gut can assist in a better re-design and flow but what if the funds to tackle such a project are just not there?  Here’s what you can do:-

  • Upgrade countertops using either large tiles over 18×18″ or an acrylic modified polyester base at a fraction of the cost of granite or marble.
  • Strip down laminate cupboards and varnish them with a light stain or paint them in white for a more contemporary look or cream for a more traditional finish.
  • If the shelving system is still sturdy and in good condition, consider replacing the cabinet doors with ready made doors purchased over the counter.
  • Replace hardware with matte steel or brush nickel knobs or handles for a more contemporary look or oiled bronze for a more traditional classic finish
  • Consider replacing or re-painting those major appliances that need to be banished to their final resting place.
  • If the floor tiles are too customized, such as in a checkered pattern, consider replacing with a neutral coloured tile
  • And, a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour will help brighten the space.  Add the right accessories and it will look like a dream kitchen in no time.


Bathrooms are usually where we start our day and prepare to face the outside world.  They are also where we unwind and scrub away the day’s stresses.  Without a doubt you will find a bathroom in every house, therefore their role is undeniably important.

Walking into a dated bathroom can easily heighten anxiety and depression.  The quickest way to update this space is by replacing any coloured sinks and toilets with neutral colours.  Unless you embrace a tub for the sake of your children or you actually use it to soak and relax, consider  replacing it with a modern shower stall.

Of course new faucets can really elevate this space.  Re-tiling with light colours is a sure way to brighten up the bathroom and of course patterns with accent or mosaic tiles add a notch of class.

Larger tiles in the shower make for less grout lines to scrub and a neutral palette is timeless.  Forget flowers and colourful designs if you’re trying to achieve a modern look.

Between kitchens and bathrooms, the latter are the favourite place for owners to remodel.  As they are smaller, they cost less to renovate.

Reduced space equals reduced cost – less countertops, less paint, less flooring.  However, updating of both spaces takes planning, coordination of design ideas and money.  They will both add value to your home as you strive to achieve a custom finish.

Which project you choose to tackle is all up to you.

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Cherita O’dell is the Broker of this agency who brings a wealth of experience to the table, having been the Sales & Marketing Manager and Operations Manager of several 4-star hotels and in addition, the Marketing Manager of 2 luxury condo developments. She knows how to promote property for sale & rent and get them noticed. She is one of the best real estate agents in Barbados and won the The Agent of the Year award in 2019.

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