The Benefits of Renting in Retirement

Preparing for retirement can bring a multitude of things to mind. Mostly, we consider health, insurance, and retirement funds.

We want to touch on something a little different today and hope that you receive it in love. That is….Renting in retirement.

I heard the loud gasps some of you let go but, lets think about it.

Some of us buy properties suitable for big families and when the children have left the nest, that space then feels a bit vast and overwhelming. It also continues to produce the same bills…land tax, electricity etc.  Maintenance starts to become a bit much to do alone, and unnecessary attention to the property is needed that takes away from enjoying the retirement years.

So why not downsize?

Downsizing and renting can give you the ability to cater to your personal needs and reduce your overall liabilities, or even to earn additional income.

Afterall, retirement years are for enjoyment and relaxation. Click the video below to learn more.



***Watch video below***

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