Ready to Rent?

Deciding where to rent can be stressful—so many things to consider.

In our post today, we discuss all you need to know about renting a property, from securing it until moving in. This will give you a few things to think about before making that big decision. Is it financially affordable? Is the location suitable for you when it comes to commuting? Do I want my new place to be furnished or unfurnished? What details do I have to disclose to my new landlord, and what questions should I ask them?

Click the video below to learn a bit about what you need to know before renting.

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Cherita O’dell is the Broker of this agency who brings a wealth of experience to the table, having been the Sales & Marketing Manager and Operations Manager of several 4-star hotels and in addition, the Marketing Manager of 2 luxury condo developments. She knows how to promote property for sale & rent and get them noticed. She is one of the best real estate agents in Barbados and won the The Agent of the Year award in 2019.

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